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    2014.7.19-7.21 Huajian participate in the 2014 India World Expo Chennai (INDIA MATTRESS EXPO)

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    2014.7.19-7.21 our in 2014 India Chennai mattress Expo (ITM) - MATTRESS Expo), the exhibition was held in New Delhi, India, at Pragati Maidan, our booth is hall 12a. India International Sleep exhibition is the only professional exhibition in India sleep industry, the exhibition will make up for the lack of India mattress industry exhibition. 2014 is the second India sleep exhibition, the last exhibition area of more than 5000 square meters, the number of exhibition companies nearly a hundred. Three days of the exhibition attracted more than 3500 professional buyers to visit. The exhibition will show the industry's most advanced technology, equipment and the most comprehensive range of sleep products. India in the real estate industry, the hotel industry and the development of the retail industry has gradually increased, which for the development of the mattress industry has a very large role in promoting. According to the world's mattress industry report, India in 2011 to 2002 every year, 15% of the growth, the total value of 1 billion 500 million U.S. dollars of industry, which is a huge potential for the development of the industry.

    Our Shaoxing City Huajian mattress machinery Co., Ltd. through the exhibition enhance and old customers know and trust, also let more new customers have certain understanding and the understanding of our Jian Hua spring mattress device. According to the Indian market, our the exhibition of SX-80is round spring CNC roll spring machine and SX-200 round spring automatic string spring machine all transactions, I believe that in the near future, Chinese sword equipment can be ranked in India this piece of fertile land!

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