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    2015.5.5-5.8 Huajian participate in the COLOGNE INTERZUM 2015

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    2015.5.5-5.8 our general manager Mr. Ye Chaoying carrying Sales Department of Educational Technology Department colleagues joined Germany Cologne International Furniture Fittings and accessories exhibition (INTERZUM COLOGNE 2015), the exhibition was held in Cologne, Germany, our booth number is hall 9 stand a 61.

    Began in 1959, Cologne international furniture production, woodworking and interior decoration exhibition INTERZUM is for furniture production and raw materials of a global event, is currently the world furniture and woodworking machinery manufacturing industry's most famous professional exhibition, the exhibits range widely among all show of its kind, every two years held a (every single year held). According to statistics provided by the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Cologne, 2015, the National Furniture Fair in Cologne has achieved very good results, received a total of about 142000 viewers, an increase of 38% over last year. The exhibitors even slightly higher than last year, there includes exhibitors about 1250 enterprises from 50 countries .

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