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    2015.9.8-9.12 Huajian participate in the 36th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai)

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    2015.9.8-9.12 I take part in the thirty-sixth China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair, furniture production equipment and accessories accessories exhibition, exhibition in Hongqiao, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, our booth number is 8.1 C58.

    With "from 2015 onwards, each year in September CIFF Furniture Fair will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). 2015 of the 36th session of the China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Hongqiao furniture exhibition, the exhibition scale amounted to 40 million square meters, covering the civil furniture, outdoor furniture, jewelry, textiles, office furniture, furniture production equipment and ingredients furniture industries upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain theme is expected to about 3000 global well-known enterprises exhibitors, more than 10 million has commercial value of professional buyers and the industry elite to the meeting. Hongqiao Shanghai Furniture Fair will be the industry to build a fashion, globalization, multi dimensions, interactive business exchange platform. CIFF furniture exhibition in the industry enjoy "brand first camp" "Asian furniture trading center" of China's furniture industry barometer "reputation, with difficult to go beyond the industry influence and rallying point in the global, and has always been committed to to create the world's most the value of furniture and home furnishing industry trade platform, provide the most extensive cooperation and trade space for the industry.

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