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    Spring Air makes licensee change in Northeast

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    Top 20 bedding producer Spring Air International is making a licensee change in the Northeast that officials say positions the company for more growth.

    Spring Air officials said they have signed an agreement with Fall River, Mass.-based C.M. Bedding Group Inc. to be the new licensee for the Northeastern United States. C.M. Bedding will service retailers in the six northeastern states that had been serviced by Chelsea-based E&E Bedding, which is owned by Spring Air International CEO Ed Bates.

    The move will allow Bates and the Spring Air International management team to concentrate fully on the licensing, branding and marketing of Spring Air, officials said. Ed Bates continues as Spring Air’s CEO, while Nick Bates, a nephew, remains as president of Spring Air.

    “With the dramatic growth of our brand both domestically and internationally, I wanted to put more of my time and energy into working with Nick to keep that pace going,” Ed Bates said. “C.M. Bedding is a terrific family-owned, relationship-focused business that is a great fit for the Spring Air family, and we’re confident they will provide the top-quality products and service that Spring Air customers have come to expect.”

    Ed Bates was a Spring Air licensee from the mid-1970s until selling the business in 2007. He bought back the Chelsea factory and the rights to the Spring Air brand in 2009 when Spring Air’s former owner closed all corporate factories.

    The new licensing agreement covers Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

    Nick Bates said the transition to the new factory should be a smooth one for Spring Air’s customers.

    Founded in 2002 by David Nguyen, C.M. Bedding produces mattresses, box springs and pillows in a 300,000-square-foot factory. Its customers include furniture stores, boutique hotels, design companies and e-commerce retailers, and its pillows are sold nationwide under various private label brands.

    “Like the other domestic licensing partners that have joined us, David and his team represent the best in independent manufacturing in its region and we are thrilled to have them on our team,” said Nick Bates. “While Ed has always loved the manufacturing end of the business, we both realized that his experience, insight and commitment were more critical at the corporate level as we continue our fast-paced growth.”

    “Spring Air is a great company with great name recognition among consumers, and we’re excited to be a partner with Nick Bates and his management team,” Nguyen said. “We think they can take the company to another level and help our business grow, as well.”

    The deal is the fourth new licensing agreement signed by Spring Air International in recent months. Last year, the company inked agreements with Johnson City, Tenn.-based Johnson City Bedding for the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, and Houston-based Continental Silverline Products for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi. In addition, the company expanded its licensing agreement with Fresno, Calif.-based Pleasant Mattress to cover all 13 Western states.

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