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    BrandJump launches Amazon-specific division

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    an e-commerce sales and marketing company specializing in home furnishings and décor, is launching a new Amazon division.

    "Amazon is a complex and competitive marketplace, and only a thoughtful strategy will drive growth while minimizing conflict in other channels," said Josh Walter, BrandJump CEO. "While Amazon may not be a fit for all of our clients, our expertise brings a thorough understanding of the channel that helps guide our clients in making the most informed decisions for their brand."

    By adding an Amazon-specific strategy to its suite of services, BrandJump is better able to create a comprehensive online strategy for its clients across the entire e-commerce channel. BrandJump works with manufacturers in multiple categories, including furniture, decorative lighting, textiles, outdoor living and accessories. The company enhances its customers’ online presence across more than 50 retail channels such as Wayfair, One Kings Lane, YDesign Group and Overstock.

    Walter says that his company starts by recommending online channels that are an appropriate fit for its clients.

    The company then assists with areas such as merchandising, by displaying the brand targeted to the intended site’s audience; content creation with brand stories, product copy, blogs and educational pieces about the client’s brand; and marketing, by aligning the brand’s marketing objectives with the marketing calendar for each Internet retailer.

    Eighty percent of consumers research products on Amazon before buying anywhere else, and Amazon captures 50% of total online purchases in the United States, according to a recent study by eMarketer. Amazon is also experiencing extraordinary and dramatic growth in the home furnishings category.

    "When we started BrandJump, we observed that most Internet retailers were being fragmentally managed by manufacturer sales representatives and were not being serviced properly," said Walter. "The opportunity for Internet retailers to use technology to scale their efforts became apparent early on."

    According to Walter, having successfully created strong partnerships with many of the leading online retailers for the home furnishings space, creating an Amazon-specific channel was a natural progression.

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