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    Amazon launches new virtual living room with Amazon Showroom

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    Amazon is testing a new way for customers to visualize their home furnishings purchases when shopping online - the?Amazon Showroom.

    “Showroom presents customers with a virtual living room, where they can customize the décor and furniture selection providing the ability to visually compare to scale representations of furniture items together in a room to determine how an item will fit with the style of a room and work with other complementary pieces,” said an Amazon spokesperson. “The result is a photorealistic rendering of a room that answers the question: How will this all look together?”

    Users can change the color of the wall and floor inside the virtual room and then swap out different furniture items. Product descriptions are available on the right-hand scroll, and Amazon makes it easy to add the items to a shopping cart. The showroom function also lets customers save “rooms” for later.

    Amazon Showroom is currently being tested on?Amazon.com?and in the Amazon App for home furnishings for the living room.

    Last year, Amazon rolled out a new recommendation feature called?Scout?that shows images of products in categories including furniture, home décor, lighting, patio and bedding. And, in late 2017, the company added an?augmented reality?feature in the Amazon app for IOS devices.

    The company made many furniture headlines in 2018: for expanding its range of house brands in furniture and for launching three private-label furniture brands: Rivet, Stone & Beam and Ravenna Home as well as mattress and bed frame options sold through AmazonBasics.

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