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    Malouf triples space at company headquarters

    Time:2019-01-10 12:51:03    Share:

    Bedding company Malouf plans to add more than 105,000 square feet to the company’s headquarters, bringing the total to almost 160,000 square feet and tripling the office space.

    “After hiring 122 employees across all departments at our headquarters last year, it became obvious that we would need more space to accommodate growth as we continue to expand our vertical integration capabilities,” said Sam Malouf, founder and CEO of Malouf.

    The two-story expansion will house a new 23,000 square-foot showroom showcasing Malouf products.

    “The updated showroom will be a resource center where our partners and team members can interact with our full range of products,” Malouf said. “As a result, customers will see a whole new level of service and expertise.”

    Construction started last September with an estimated completion date of late this year. The final floorplan will accommodate up to 388 employee workspaces.

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