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    Tier two bedding producers see opportunities in unsettled market

    Time:2019-01-12 15:05:43    Share:

    Tier two bedding producers see an unsettled mattress market, one that poses challenges to their business, but also offers some opportunities.

    Many of those producers see modest unit and dollar growth in 2019, but some see flat or even negative growth. It all depends, they say, on how a number of different variables play out.

    “No matter where we net out,” observed Martin Rawls-Meehan, CEO of adjustable bed base producer Reverie, “there will likely be some contraction and chaos as manufacturers and retailers figure out this volatile new environment in which we operate.”

    Domestic producers should gain if substantial anti-dumping duties are imposed on Chinese mattress makers, some producers said.

    The producers also said that in this time of change, consumers remain interested in fresh, exciting new products.

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