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    Bedgear opens its first Canadian warehouses

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    Bedding supplier Bedgear has added its first warehouses in Canada to support growing demand for the company’s products in the Canadian market, officials said.

    These two warehouses will enable the company to more efficiently serve one of its “most engaged markets” with the brand’s full assortment of Performance Sleep products, including the new M3 Launchpad, officials said.

    The warehouses are strategically located outside of two of Canada’s most populous cities,Toronto and Vancouver, the company said.

    This marks Bedgear’s first investment in international operations and expands the company’s distribution footprint to five warehouses.

    The company said that over the past eight years it has seen steady growth and interest in the young Canadian demographic looking for fashionable yet functional products which mirror their active lifestyles.

    “Canada has proven to be an amazing market and country for Bedgear, and we acknowledge the growth potential here and are taking the necessary steps to provide the sleep solution Canadians deserve,” said Eugene Alletto, Bedgear’s CEO and founder. “As one of the world leaders in recycling and renewable energy, it’s no surprise that the M3 Launchpad – the only mattress that can be upgraded throughout its lifetime with recyclable components - has been welcomed and demanded by Canadian consumers.”

    Bedgear first entered the Canadian market in 2011 with The Brick, a leading Canadian retailer of furniture and mattresses. Today, Bedgear products are offered in 300-plus locations throughout Canada.

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