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    Bedding producers adding adjustable bases, sleep accessories

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    New adjustable bed bases are rolling out across the Las Vegas Market later this month as bedding producers seek to maintain momentum in that growing category.

    Bedding exhibitors are also introducing a number of new sleep accessories, including new pillows, and are also showing updated mattress lines.

    Reverie is revamping its Power Base lineup with an eight-model offering that includes entry level price points starting at $499. The headline model, the R600, includes a motor that allows the unit to be placed in zero gravity, inversion and lounge positions.

    Ergolife is showing its new iBed, which can be adjusted with a remote unit or an App to provide targeted support in the lumbar areas and pressure-relieving zones for the shoulders and hips.

    “After two decades of tests and research with product redesign and development, our individually controlled iBed is designed to contour to the unique individual spinal structure,” said Mario Piraino, CEO. “This new series allows the sleeper to individually adjust the surface shape of the mattress in order to engulf and cradle the sleeper’s shoulder and/or hips, and then increase, adjust and move the lumbar support to the exact right spot.”

    “Given the instability of world trade issues and tariffs on Chinese imports, we wish to reassure our customers that our adjustable beds and bed frames are made in North America and not subject to the current tariff,” said Brent Polunsky, a W. Silver executive. The line includes adjustable beds, bed frames and folding foundations.

    Shifman is showing its improved PowerMotion and PowerMotion Plus adjustable bases, which incorporate a number of new features, and is also debuting its updated Pure Comfort collection.

    “The Las Vegas Market has helped us with our aggressive expansion plan to bring ‘The Finest Handmade Mattresses in the World’ to many more retailers across the country,” said Bill Hammer, Shifman’s president. “Our experience with a temporary space during the past two markets has surpassed our expectations, and we are very excited to secure a permanent spot on the bedding floor in Building C.”

    Blu Sleep is introducing Cool Gel Essential pillows and mattresses, touting aromatherapy benefits. The pillows, packed in aluminum-coated bags, are compressed and sealed for freshness. The gels are infused with lavender, chamomile and aloe Vera. The coordinating mattresses feature lavender and chamomile scents, officials said.

    Sleep & Beyond is expanding its side pillow line with the new myDual Side Pillow, ergonomically contoured on both sides to accommodate side sleepers. The company is also featuring its recently introduced my Woolly Side Pillow, a contoured, wool-filled pillow.

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