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    Ashley Furniture's AR ad offers virtual home makeovers

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     Ashley Furniture’s e-retail company, Ashley GlobalRetail, and marketing agency Merkle have partnered with Verizon Media on an augmented reality ad that lets shoppers place 3D digital versions of Ashley products in their home while using Yahoo Mail.

    “One of the key challenges when shopping for furniture both online and in-store is visualizing the size and scale of each piece within the home,” said Nick Lezin, Ashley GlobalRetail, vice president of marketing. “We see great potential for AR ads to both delight consumers and improve the overall shopping experience by virtually bringing our products into their homes prior to purchase.”

    The AR ad experience invites the consumer to place selected items, in 3D, within Yahoo Mail as a type of virtual home makeover. Early results showed that click-through-rates for the 3D ads doubled existing benchmarks.

    Marinn Jackson, Verizon Media’s head of premium sales strategy, says new immersive ad formats like AR give consumers the opportunity to truly experience a brand or product.

    “Since the launch of our 3D and AR ad products, brands ranging from automotive to home furnishings retailers have jumped onboard to deliver high-quality interactive 3D experiences to their audiences,” said Jackson.

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