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    King Koil launches new upper-end and hybrid lines

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    Targeting the growing upper-end bedding market, Top 15 bedding producer King Koil is unveiling its new handtufted Intimate collection here.

    The eight new models, retailing from $2,499 to $4,999 in queen, feature a variety of high-end performance foams and natural filling materials that are blended with the company’s proprietary coil system and a layer of micro-coils for added comfort and support, officials said.

    “The Intimate collection represents a new level of luxury for King Koil,” said David Binke, CEO of King Koil. “Our Perfect Contour Reaction coil system provides the proper sleeping posture, and the luxury foams and natural cushioning materials such as wool and cotton deliver unmatched comfort.”

    The handtufting, not common at these price points, adds to the collection’s aspirational appeal and positions the product squarely in the luxury market despite the “affordable luxury” its price points offer, Binke said.

    The proprietary Perfect Contour Reaction coil system, which consists of more than 1,000 encased coils, is enhanced with a layer of micro-coils in the Intimate collection and provides individualized support for sleepers of all shapes and sizes.

    King Koil is also using the market to bolster its assortment of hybrid beds that blend upper-end specialty foams with innersprings with the launch of its MHybrid collection.

    The new models combine gel-infused memory foams with a foam-encased, individually wrapped coil system to deliver a sleeping surface that’s softer than a traditional innerspring mattress, officials said.

    The four-model lineup targets retail price points of $1,699 to $2,799 in queen.

    “The MHybrid is aimed squarely at consumers who aren’t interested in a firm mattress,” Binke said. “This combination of luxurious foams helps create a softer surface that hugs the body while providing proper support. And the addition of gel or copper in the foam helps move heat away from the body and keeps the sleeping surface cool.”

    The new collection, which will be displayed in King Koil’s World Market Center showroom, A-538, will have a fashion-forward feel on the retail floor with the use of contemporary mattress ticking designs and an eye-catching top-of-bed presentation, Binke said.

    “The fashion-forward look sends a message to the retail sales associate and the consumers that there’s something a little different about these beds,” he added. “It makes them stand out in the sea of sameness on the sales floor.”

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