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    XSensor: Mattress shoppers want better in-store experiences

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     In-store mattress retailing is not dead, says Canadian-based XSensor.

    In fact, the company says, brick-and-mortar retailers should be encouraged that many consumers are looking for better experiences in those stores, despite the gains made by online-only retailers.

    XSensor says its Reveal Mattress Recommendation system lets retailers better serve their customers by helping them find the mattress that is best for them. It is showing that system in its Las Vegas Marketshowroom, C-1579.

    “The in-person shopping experience is far from dead,” XSensor said. “In fact, Forrester Research shows that while more than half of all purchases are digitally influenced, more than 85% of all U.S. retail sales still happen in a physical store.”

    The company says that “purposeful, in-store technology, when combined with the touch of a great salesperson, can not only close sales sooner, but (also) leave customers confident and more satisfied with the buying process than anything they’d experience online.”

    XSensor says it is helping retailers reimagine the in-store, mattress shopping experience while staying relevant in a digital market with its Reveal Mattress Recommendation system.

    With that system, customers visualize their pressure points and for the first time can see what they feel and understand what the right mattress will feel like. Sales people can quickly assess the data and narrow the search for the ideal mattress in minutes. Rather than laying on 10 sample beds, a customer may lay on two or three, each perfectly suited to their body and the unique way they sleep. In this way, the sale has become convenient, personalized, simple and efficient for customer and business alike, officials said.

    “What customers can only get in-store is the great customer experience that combines technology with a personalized touch and the mattress knowledge of a helpful salesperson,” the company said.

    XSensor said its Reveal system has helped its dealers buck some challenging retail trends. While mattress sales dropped for many in the first quarter of 2018, retailers using the Reveal pressure-mapping system reported close rates up by 30% or more, with returns as low as 1%. Average-sale prices increased, too, officials said.

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