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    ISPA: Domestic bedding units down 15.5% in Q4

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    The domestic bedding industry was down sharply in the fourth quarter with some double-digit declines, and finished the year in negative territory, an industry report says.

    The latest Bedding Market Quarterly issued by the International Sleep Products Assn. said the dollar value of U.S.-assembled mattresses and stationary foundations was down 9.2% in the fourth quarter, and was down 5.4% for the full year.

    Domestic bedding units were down 15.5% in the fourth quarter, and were down 9.9% for the full year, according to the ISPA report.

    The Bedding Market Quarterly reports reflect the performance of companies that accounted for about 74% of the industry’s wholesale revenue in 2017 and about 64% of the units that year. ISPA cautions that the performance of the companies contributing to its quarterly reports “may not necessarily reflect the performance of the full mattress industry.”

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