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    Report: U.S., China make progress in deal to end trade war

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     Negotiators for China and the United States have started sketching out commitments on the toughest trade dispute issues in what Reuters is calling “the most significant progress yet” toward ending the months-long trade war between the two countries.

    The report by the news service also said the two countries still remained far apart on President Donald Trump’s demands for structural changes to China's economy as high-level talks were taking place today and Friday.

    “But the broad outline of what could make up a deal is beginning to emerge from the talks,” Reuters reported, citing unnamed sources.

    Negotiators are drawing six “memorandums of understanding” on the most challenging structural issues in the dispute: forced technology transfer and cyber theft; intellectual property rights; services; currency; agriculture; and non-tariff barriers to trade, Reuters said.

    Trade negotiation meetings began last week. President Trump already has indicated that the March 1 deadline for a deal before the tariff on Chinese imports is bumped to 25% from 10% is not a hard deadline.

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