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    Nest Bedding offers its first certified organic mattress

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    Nest Bedding has partnered with organic mattress company OMI to launch its first certified organic mattress called Nest Bedding by OMI that is produced in OMI’s eco-factory in California.

    “OMI is a pioneer in organic bedding, and they approached us about working together,” said Joe Alexander, Nest Bedding founder and CEO. “We were happy to be able to work with them. No one does certified organic product like they do.”

    Alexander says all of the materials that go into the mattress are carefully sourced, and the factory utilizes specially designed, custom ozone cleaning chambers to reduce naturally occurring contaminants that may be found on the raw materials.

    A zipper encompasses the entire top of the mattress, which allows the customer to customize the level of firmness by adding an organic-cotton-encased layer of latex in plush, medium or firm. The mattresses pocket-coil springs also are encased in certified organic cotton to prevent shifting over time. The bottom of the mattress is covered in 10-oz. certified organic cotton and finished with a signature quilted woven cover.

    The newly launched organic mattress is just one part of Nest Bedding’s effort to respond to what consumers say they want.

    The company also has hired in-house fashion designer Sally Poppe to keep her finger on the pulse of what consumers want in terms of mattresses, bedding and pajamas, as well as unusual and quirky items for kids and pets.

    “One of the fun items I recently designed is a teepee that helps to keep the kids occupied while parents are shopping at our retail locations. Families can also buy the teepee to use at home,” said Poppe. “Nest Bedding has a large number of passionate social media followers who offer new product suggestions that I take into consideration.”

    She said one of the highlights during the past year was when actor Jimmy O Yang from the movie Crazy Rich Asians wore her newly designed Nest Bedding pajamas on Google Talk for the national “Wear your pajamas to work day.”

    “While I do enjoy creating those fun items, I really like to focus on designing items around the comfort and the cotton, since it’s not chemical-treated and is very safe,” she added.

    Founded in 2011, Nest Bedding is a family-owned, factory-direct, bedding and mattress company with 11 retail locations throughout the U.S. and plans to add 12 to 15 more stores over the next five years.

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