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    HPMA expands Style Spotters program

    Time:2019-02-25 10:54:46    Share:

    The High Point Market Authority has expanded the Style Spotters Trend Tours program for the spring High Point Market, April 6-10, and will now offer two different types of tours.

    This spring, the two tours will be a Favorites Tours, following the traditional Tuesday schedule on April 9 after the Style Spotters’ breakfast, showcasing two favorite showrooms each during one-hour tours. No RSVP is required for the Favorites Tours.

    Additionally, the new Category Tours will be two-hour tours on a specific product category covering four showrooms each. Two Category Tours per day will depart from The Point each morning from Saturday through Monday.

    Space is limited for each of the Category Tours, and advanced registration is required. An RSVP form for the Category Tours and details about the Trend Tours program can be found at www.highpointmarket.org/events/ss-trend-tours.

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