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    Brooklyn Bedding Fills New Niche, Firmly

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    Phoenix-based manufacturer and retailer Brooklyn Bedding has added a unique model to its direct-to-consumer online business. The new bed is called the Plank by Brooklyn Bedding. Designed for people who prefer a firm sleep surface, the two-sided bed has a standard firm side and an extra firm side (think sleeping on the floor).

    “An excessively firm mattress isn’t for everyone, but that’s the advantage of owning our own factory,” said John Merwin, principal and chief executive officer. “We can develop very personalized sleep solutions for virtually any sleep challenge. (This) is our response to customers who persistently told us they would like a sleep surface practically as hard as the floor. Every mattress on the market they had previously tried had too much give or conformability.”

    The bed’s feel is inspired by sleeper preferences in the Far East, where beds are known for their firmness. The all-foam mattress has its own website and retails for $999 in queen size.

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