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    Reverie Intros RSA Training Platform

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    Adjustable base supplier Reverie, with headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has unveiled a training platform for retail sales associates that emphasizes the importance of educating consumers on the benefits of adjustable sleep.

    The program, Reverie BaseFirst, outlines a process for raising consumer awareness about adjustable beds and explains how to discuss key features of its product line.

    “Our proven sales techniques will help retailers grow their adjustable bed base sales by enabling consumers to understand how it can help them get a better night’s sleep,” said Nick Colello, Reverie director of national sales training. “This ‘base-first’ approach, which encourages dealers to introduce the adjustable base early in the sales process not only raises consumer awareness of the category, but also guides sales associates in addressing the many health benefits that come along with sleeping on an adjustable base.”

    He added, “Much of the conversation around sleep on the retail sales floor revolves around the mattress,” noting Reverie BaseFirst is designed to shift the focus to the entire sleep system.

    The first phase of the program involves deploying Reverie trainers to retail stores for training, which begins prior to the store’s launch of the Reverie product line and continues for 30 days after the products are floored.

    The program has an online component. Retailers can sign in to get product information, training resources and sleep research news. There also is a web-based training program for sales associates that allows them to earn
    BaseFirst certification.

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