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    Flex Group Acquires Marshall Mattress

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    The Flex Group, a privately?held global mattress manufacturer and retailer with headquarters in Madrid, has acquired luxury bedding brand?Marshall Mattress, based in Toronto.

    According to a news release, all 35 Marshall employees will remain with the company, and its 50,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution center in Toronto will continue operations. Financial terms were not disclosed.

    Husband and wife Sharan Anisman and Brad Warner, whose family has owned and managed Marshall since 1965, remain with the company during the transition. Their son, Eric Warner, continues with the company to handle marketing.

    Flex Group executive Valerie Stranix has been appointed general manager of the Marshall operation. The company said it will add more team members and resources to grow Marshall’s business in North America.

    Marshall joins three other Flex Group premium brand holdings — Aireloom, E.S. Kluft and Vispring.

    Commenting on the acquisition, Rafael Gonzalez, Flex Group chief executive officer, said: “The heritage, know-how and reputation of Marshall fit well with the core values of our group. We plan to invest in the brand and expect Marshall to reach great heights. We will help enhance customer relationships with more product development and other brands in the group.”

    Brad Warner added: “The Marshall legacy and patented pocketed spring technology will continue to thrive with the Flex Group. We have had the pleasure of developing a relationship with (Gonzalez) and his team over several years, and we are confident they are the right company to further build and grow the Marshall brand.”

    Founded in 1900 by machinist and engineer James Marshall — the inventor of the Marshall coil — Marshall Mattress is best known for its luxury mattresses with muslin-wrapped pocket springs. It sells three brands — Bespoke by Marshall, Rest Assured and SleepMaker — of one-sided and two-sided mattresses. They are priced from $1,799 to $15,000 in queen size.

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