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    Marshalls set to launch e-commerce store

    Time:2019-03-08 12:29:54    Share:

     According to a report from Business Insider, TJX Cos. has announced plans to launch an e-commerce store for Marshalls. 

    The announcement came from TJX Cos.’ CEO Ernie Herrman during an investors call last week. Hermann said the site would feature a different assortment than that found in stores in order to preserve the “treasure hunt” nature of the Marshalls’ shopping experience and prevent harming sales on either end.

    The company’s first e-commerce platform, launched for TJ Maxx in 2013, utilized the same retail model.

    "We have learned a lot from TJMaxx.com," Herrman said during the call. "We really believe it drives incremental store traffic.”

    TJX Cos., which also reported its 23rd consecutive year of growth on Feb. 27, owns several off-price department store brands like TJ Maxx, TK Maxx and Marshalls. For now, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are the only sites set to receive or continue an online sales platform, and Hermann did not comment on possible plans to launch e-commerce platforms for the company's home furnishings-based brands including HomeSense and HomeGoods.

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