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    Wegmans launches its own furniture brand

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    ?Manufacturer Wegmans Holdings Berhad has launched its first ever own home furniture brand.

    The brand, called?Collino Designs, launched at the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) and features four distinct collections of wooden furniture pieces. The designs, inspired by clean lines and Scandinavian modernism, will be priced as upper-middle priced pieces for retailers in more than 70 different countries where Wegmans already has a market presence. The four collections, Bogota, Divo, Ettore and Sense, feature more than 100 pieces, called Original Brand Manufacturing pieces, across the dining, bedding and living room categories.

    “After decades of designing and manufacturing home furniture for our customers, it is a natural step forward for us to go into the OBM business,” said Keh Wee Kiet, managing director of Wegmans. “This new venture is also integral to the group’s strategy to diversify into higher margin business.

    "The OBM business will be operating on a business-to-business model that focuses on the export market. The capital expenditure requirement for this new business is minimal, as we will be leveraging on our existing machineries, production space, resources, as well as talent pool.”

    The launch of Collino Designs was officiated by Kiet; Teresa Kok, minister of primary industries of Malaysia; Tan Chin Huat, chairman of MIFF; Chan Wan Seong, Wegmans’ independent non-executive chairman; and Collin Law, Wegmans’ executive director.

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