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    Brooklyn Bedding introduces new pillows, Plank mattress

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     Bedding retailer Brooklyn Bedding is adding several new pillows and a mattress to its product line.

    The pillows include the luxury cooling pillow, which incorporates dual action cooling technology; the ventilated memory foam pillow, which combines the deep conformability of memory foam with an enhanced airflow to provide cooling; and the Talalay latex pillow, which adds a new sustainable cotton cover to complement the natural properties of the Talalay latex that’s found in the interior.

    The company says the foam materials used in the construction of each pillow are CertiPUR-US certified, and each pillow is inherently antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites. All pillow covers are handcrafted at the Brooklyn Bedding factory in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Brooklyn Bedding owner and CEO John Merwin says there is also a new mattress for sleepers who can never find a mattress firm enough. Available online only, the Plank by Brooklyn Bedding mattress offers two unique sleep surfaces in a flippable mattress with both standard firm and extra-firm sides.

    "An excessively firm mattress isn't for everyone," said Merwin. "But, that's the advantage of owning our own factory. We can develop very personalized sleep solutions for virtually any sleep challenge. The Plank made its debut to a limited retail audience at the Las Vegas Market last year as our response to customers who persistently told us they would like a sleep surface practically as hard as the floor.”

    To better accommodate all sleepers, Brooklyn Bedding created a dual comfort design with the top side of the mattress as a standard firm with minimal loft and the bottom side as ultra-firm with zero loft, allowing sleepers to choose the firmness level that works for them.

    The Plank retails online for between $699 for a twin to $1,249 for a California king. The pillow options retail from $69 to $149 and are available both online and in Brooklyn Bedding stores in Arizona and Utah.

    Brooklyn Bedding pillowsBrooklyn Bedding adds three new pillows to its line of sleep products.

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