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    SSB cutting more than 160 employees in restructuring

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    Bedding major Serta Simmons Bedding is cutting more than 160 employees as part of a corporate restructuring that it says will better position the company for long-term success.

    “Role eliminations” in the restructuring affect slightly more than 160 people, the company said.

    “Our industry is a dynamic one and has changed dramatically the past few years,” SSB said in a statement. “To better address these new challenges head on, we are undergoing a corporate restructuring to drive the transformation we believe will support our continued growth. The goal is to be a lean, more nimble consumer-focused organization which is even easier to do business with. We are proud of our leadership position and look forward to continuing to create great sleep and shopping experiences for consumers. While no change is easy, we strongly believe this restructuring will better position the company for long-term success.”

    SSB said it was not providing the details of those laid off by function or brand. Industry sources said the layoffs included a number of sales representatives.

    derek millerDerek Miller

    SSB also announced the hiring of a new chief sales officer. He is Derek Miller, a 20-year veteran of SSB and the senior vice president on the Mattress Firm account for the past several years.

    Miller started with the company in 1998 as an employee of the Dallas factory. He joined the sales department in 2000 and progressed through various account management roles. He was named national account director in 2010 and vice president of national accounts in 2012. He was then promoted to senior vice president, sales, in 2016 as he and his team managed the Mattress Firm account, officials said.

    Dan Horan, who had been chief sales officer for SSB since that position was created last August, has left the company.

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