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    Sleep Country partners with Walmart on Canadian boxed bed line

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    Sleep Country and Dormez-vous, leading mattress retailers in Canada, have teamed up with Walmart to offer Canadians the Bloom mattress-in-a-box collection on Walmart.ca.


    This partnership brings two retail leaders together with an increased focus on providing more Canadians with convenient access to a great night's sleep, officials said.


    "We are very excited to partner with Walmart on this great initiative,” said Stewart Schaefer, chief business development officer of Sleep Country Canada. “We are two very like-minded retailers focused on world class customer service, high quality products and a convenient purchase experience making the partnership a natural fit.


    "Walmart has enormous reach within Canada with more than 23 million visits to their website every month and more than 80% of Canadian households shopping at Walmart. We could not think of a better partner to help bring more Canadians a great night's sleep with Bloom."


    As the Canadian e-commerce industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, both retailers are focused on providing consumers with convenient options that match their dynamic shopping habits, officials said.


    “We are excited to expand our online offerings by partnering with Canada's No. 1 sleep retailer with a dedicated Bloom storefront," said Bertrand Loumaye, chief merchandising officer, Walmart Canada Corp. "Sleep Country Canada and Dormez-vous are established Canadian retail leaders and we're thrilled to provide Walmart.ca customers with a convenient way to take advantage of their high quality affordable Bloom sleep solutions."

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