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    April Fool’s Day pranks from across the furniture industry

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    ① Brooklyn Bedding catered to the needs of customer’s aquatic pets for its April Fool’s Day joke this year. Available in sizes like “Goldfish and Betta” and “Whale,” the company’s new mattress, called the Pisces, started at $99 and was made especially for pet fish. As a part of the mattress’ launch, Brooklyn Bedding teased the mattress on social media, created a new page on its website and even put together an?“Office” style behind the scenes video documenting the creation of the mattress.

    ②To celebrate April Fool’s Day, Wayfair launched Groom’d,?the first-ever wedding registry for dogs, on the company’s various social media pages. Through the new registry, pups could register for décor, “fur-niture” and more together. While Groom’d may have just been a prank, Wayfair reminded humans they they can create registries for their own weddings online at Wayfair’s website.

    ③Purple created its least expensive product ever – the 99 cent Purple Mattress – to help celebrate the day. The new mattress’ launch, which included posts to Purple’s social media pages, a news release and?a new page on the company’s website,?touted the mattress’ smartphone like dimensions and innovation that would leave other companies “weeping in the dust.” To help relieve the sting of being tricked, Purple also ran a sale that offered up to $99 off any mattress and a free $99 pillow with any mattress purchase made during April Fool’s Day.

    ④Bedding resource Malouf publicized plans to build a new corporate headquarters in Logan, Utah this April Fool’s Day. The new headquarters, inspired by the basket shaped headquarters of Longaberger Co. in Ohio, was set to look like Malouf’s Z Shoulder Zoned Dough Lavender pillow. In addition to hosting a variety of corporate offices, news releases and a?video?from Malouf revealed that the new building would include amenities like a mandatory dunk tank, interactive crab park and levitating UFC arena.

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