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    Stagner resigns as Mattress Firm CEO

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    Steve Stagner has resigned as executive chairman, president and CEO of Mattress Firm, the company said.

    Mattress Firm’s board announced Tuesday that it has accepted Stagner’s resignation and said it has begun an executive search for a new CEO.

    The company said Mattress Firm “is in a strong go-forward position as we look to the next chapter.”

    After news of Stagner’s resignation was reported, Piper Jaffray issued a report saying that his resignation “significantly increases the likelihood of a Tempur Sealy/Mattress Firm reconciliation in the near future.”

    Stagner told Mattress Firm employees Tuesday that the last two decades of his career that he devoted to Mattress Firm have been “exhilarating, exciting and, at times, challenging.”

    “As Mattress Firm is now poised to capitalize on exciting new opportunities and build on the foundation of growth laid out following our emergence from bankruptcy, I believe this is the right time for me to leave Mattress Firm and make way for fresh leadership,” Stagner said. “When I came back as CEO, my goal was to get the company back on track, and I’m extremely proud of the progress the team has made over the past year. When I leave on April 19, I leave with the confidence that the company has a bright future ahead.”

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