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    Leggett & Platt closing Fashion Bed Group operations

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    Leggett & Platt?said it is closing its Fashion Bed Group operations.

    Fashion Bed Group is a distributor of upholstered and ornamental beds, residential bed frames and bedding textiles to the retail bedding industry.

    The pending closure affects facilities in three company locations – Bedford Park, Ill., Whittier, Calif., and Atlanta?– the company said.

    Leggett & Platt said the closing of Fashion Bed Group is the result of the company’s decision to exit product categories that are no longer strategic to its long-term focus.

    The Leggett & Platt Consumer Products group continues to produce, sell, and distribute adjustable bases to the bedding industry from multiple factories and warehouses. Those operations are not affected by Fashion Bed closing, officials said.

    The closure impacts approximately 117 warehouse, administrative, management and sales employees. The operations will continue to serve customers for several weeks as inventories are depleted. All customer inquiries should be directed to the Fashion Bed Group customer service department at (800) 825-5233, the company said.

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