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    Retail bedding survey finds ‘sluggish’ first quarter

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    The bedding industry experienced a sluggish first quarter, according to a new retail bedding survey.

    Commissioned by Raymond James, the survey found that first quarter retail sales performance was not as strong as mattress retailers enjoyed in the fourth quarter.

    The survey found that while 60% of the retail respondents reported year-over-year sales growth in the fourth quarter, only about 44% of the retail respondents in the first quarter reported positive year-over-year results. Another 44% reported a year-over-year decline in sales in the first quarter.

    Raymond James said this is its sixth quarterly survey. The firm aims to get 20 to 25 independent mattress retailers to respond to its surveys. To encourage as much openness and candor on the part of the respondents as possible, Raymond James commissions a third party to contact the retailers.

    “The overall sluggish first quarter bedding retail sales performance also matches with the commentary we heard during our early April visit to the High Point Market,” Raymond James wrote in its report on the survey results.

    The survey and comments from High Point indicate “that residential furniture (bedding and furniture) retail demand experienced a challenging start to 2019 and warrants some caution around Q1 2019 earnings,” Raymond James said.

    The company estimated that the survey included the performance of retailers operating at least 639 mattress stores, with respondents in the Northeast, South, Midwest and West Coast.

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