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    Purple hires Lovesac cofounder as chief retail officer

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    Bedding resource Purple Innovation has named Lovesac cofounder Tres White as the company’s new chief retail officer, effective April 1.

    While at Lovesac, White was responsible for conceiving, deploying and operating the company’s D2C consumer store strategy.

    From Lovesac, White moved to Brookfield Properties, formerly General Growth Properties, opening stores at 72 shopping centers for brands such as Apple, Tesla, Nordstrom, H&M and more. Most recently, he worked with Fanzz stores, a sports apparel company, before joining the largest licensee of Ashley Furniture.

    “Tres White has a wealth of retail, merchandising and leadership experience that we are thrilled to bring into at Purple,” said Joe Megibow, Purple’s CEO. “From Lovesac to Ashley Furniture, Tres has extensive retail experience and will be invaluable as Purple expands its retail partnerships and explores showroom opportunities.”

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