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    Spring Air transfers India license to Kurl-on

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    Top 20 bedding producer Spring Air International has transferred its license in India to the country’s largest manufacturer and retailer of mattresses, the company announced.

    Kurl-on, the Bangalore-based company, sells home furnishings and mattresses through more than 7,000 multi-brand stores, 1,300 franchise outlets and 93 Kurl-on branded stores. The company also has 10 factories.

    As a part of the transaction, Kurl-on acquired the former licensee, Spring Air India, based in Pune, which also has 400 Spring Air branded stores that will continue to operate under that moniker.

    “India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International. “Given the size of the country and the market opportunity, we are excited to partner with the largest retailer and manufacturer in the region with the resources to fully develop our brand locally.”

    “Our new partnership with Spring Air will add the premium bedding segment to our product lineup,” said Sudhakar Pai, chairman and managing director of Kurl-on. “The Spring Air name carries a lot of cachet in our marketplace, and we look forward to adding the brand to our product mix.”

    Spring Air is produced in more than 40 countries through its international licensing network.

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