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    Shifman Mattresses honors industry veteran

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    Luxury mattress manufacturer Shifman Mattresses honored industry veteran Dave Trillet as Salesperson of the Year for 2018 at its 17th consecutive sales excellence celebration.

    Trillet, who has been a part of the mattress industry for 31 years, joined the company last January as Midwest territory sales manager. Before becoming a part of the Shifman Mattresses’ team, Trillet held sales positions at bedding companies like Restonic, Sealy, Serta and Simmons.

    “It is truly a testament to Dave’s dedication and expertise to earn this esteemed award in the first year of service,” said Bill Hammer, president of Shifman Mattresses.

    The company measures sales excellence based on four criteria: overall territory sales revenue, client acquisition rates, existing client engagement and contributions to the overall success of the team.

    “Dave excelled in his 2018 territory sales numbers, but our criteria for Salesperson of the Year Award is not just tied to numbers,” said Reardon, the company’s national sales manager. “Shifman Mattresses is a family-owned company based on dedication and integrity. Dave earned Salesperson of the Year with his dedication to his retailers and their success with the utmost character.”

    As a part of his award, Trillet was honored at the company’s sales meeting held at the most recent High Point Market. There, he was presented with a plaque and monetary gift.

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