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    Epperson: Mattress imports from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia on upswing

    Time:2019-10-05 12:41:26    Share:

    Mattress shipments from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia are growing rapidly as Chinese mattress imports decline, a new industry report says. In his September Furnishings Digest Newsletter, Jerry Epperson analyzes mattress import data from significant importing countries.

    He noted that Chinese mattress imports dropped 65.6% in the second quarter, from $210.8 million to $72.6 million, and said some of that shortfall was made up by Asian nations.

    Vietnam’s mattress imports were $38.3 million in that quarter, while Indonesia was at $20 million, Malaysia was at $12.6 million, and Cambodia was at $7.6 million, Epperson said.Mexico had the third-highest total for mattress imports in the second quarter, at $36.7 million.






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