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    Top 15 bedding e-tailers post 41% increase

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    The Top 15 bedding e-tailers, a group headlined by Amazon and Casper, collectively added almost $900 million in sales last year and remain on the ascent.

    The Top 15 generated sales last year of almost $3.1 billion, up from about $2.2 billion a year earlier, clearly showing that the online mattress arena remains a potent and vibrant marketplace.

    Collectively the Top 15, as ranked by Furniture Today in this annual listing, grew 41% last year, far stronger growth than leading brick-and-mortar mattress retailers. And the top five players had an even stronger year, growing 61% last year.

    Leading the list of top e-tailers once again is Amazon, the Seattle-based Internet powerhouse, which saw its mattress, foundation and adjustable bed base sales jump 50%, to $900 million. That figure does not include sales of other online brands on the Top 15 list. If those sales were included, Amazon would be well above $1 billion in bedding sales, industry observers say.

    Casper, one of the pioneers in the online mattress arena, boosted its bedding sales by 31% last year, to $360 million, according to the Furniture Today ranking. All of the numbers on the ranking are Furniture Today estimates.

    The Top 15 growth rate has been steadily coming down since Furniture Today’s first Top Bedding E-tailers survey, which showed the Top 15 growing 102.8% in 2016. The Top 15 grew 66% in 2017.

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