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    Southerland signs licensee for South Korea market

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    Top 20 U.S. bedding producer Southerland has signed a distributor in South Korea to its new international licensing program.

    The distributor, Doctor Jon Inc., will warehouse and sell U.S.-made Southerland sleep sets to retailers throughout the country, marking the first time any Southerland brand has been sold by an authorized dealer in South Korea, the company said.

    “This is an important milestone for us as we focus on driving growth and expanding the reach of our brands internationally,” said Bryan Smith, president and CEO of Southerland. “American brands are very desirable throughout Asia, and middle-class consumers are willing to pay a premium for them, especially when they’re actually made in America.”

    The licensing agreement covers the company’s Southerland, Evolution and American Sleep brands, and the distributor will focus on upper-end products. Smith said a number of U.S. mattress brands currently are sold in Korea, but he believes Southerland’s products are one of the few U.S. brands in the market whose mattresses are produced in the U.S.

    Southerland, which launched its international licensing effort in January, will make products for the Korean distributor at its Phoenix factory. The licensee owns a network of distribution centers and cross-docking facilities in Korea and will leverage that expertise to get the products to retailers in the most cost-efficient manner, Smith explained.

    Southerland does not have domestic licensees, and the new international program, introduced earlier this year, is the first licensing effort in the company’s 126-year history. It is led by Jim Nation, a 40-year mattress industry veteran who is Southerland’s executive vice president of national accounts and international licensing.

    Southerland’s seven production and distribution facilities in Nashville, Tenn.; Cleveland; Phoenix; Oklahoma City, Okla.; and Tualatin, Ore., total more than 480,000 square fee


    1. Hi-Low?

    Hi-Lowoffers the ability to create a variety of mattress layouts. That's because the variable-height coil system features cavity-filled zoning, giving you space for smaller coils, foams, or gels.

    Create a traditional zoning layout with greater support at the hips and shoulders.

    Boost coil count by adding micro-coil top layers.

    Offer exceptional comfort through distinct firmness differences.




    2. OmniTouch?

    Our high-profile SoftTouchcoils come together to create the OmniTouchunit.

    Coils feel soft at first, but firm up when pressure is applied to provide extra support.

    Zoning allows for more support in pressure point areas, like the hips, shoulders, and back.

    This one-sided mattress is low-maintenance while still feeling great.

    Creates an even feeling of support across the surface.

    3. VertiCoilEdge

    With a strong perimeter and consistent coverage across the entire surface of the bed, VertiCoilEdge reduces sagging and roll-off.

    Open-coil design is stable throughout.

    Durable and long-lasting surface that doesn't take a body impression.

    Wire is stress-relieved for durability and consistency.


    4. Power EdgeBonnell

    The perimeter of coils that form Power EdgeBonnell are 20% firmer than traditional Bonnell coils, for a more supportive feel at the edge of the bed.

    Clipped borders create a strong edge that eliminates the feeling of roll-off.

    Stress-relieved Bonnell coils provide extra support and comfort.

    Resilient springs are durable and long-lasting.

    Available in 5.25, 5-turn and 6, 5-turn heights.


    5. Lura-Flex?

    The open-end, offset coils of Lura-Flexcreate an ergonomic design that's ultra-responsive.

    Greater support that conforms to individual body shapes.

    Consistent coverage across the entire surface of the mattress.

    Coils are durable and long-lasting, so they don't take a body impression.


    6. Coolflow?

    Increased cool comfort for your customers. Increased profits for you.

    By combining Hi-Low premium pocketed innersprings with low-profile performance layers like Softech, the Coolflowinnerspring system increases comfort and enhances air circulation.

    Introduces a new level of cool, comfortable sleep.

    Improves airflow and prevents heat buildup.

    Provides support where its needed.

    Increases coil counts.


    7. Joey?

    The revolutionary design of Joeyinnerspring systems incorporates an advanced coil-within-a-coil setup to respond to individual body weights, shapes, and sleep patterns.

    Secondary interior coil increases in firmness as weight is applied.

    Self-posturizing system reacts to every movement.

    Provides essential body alignment and support characteristics.


    8. Combi-Zone?

    Combi-Zone? innerspring systems go beyond conventional varied wire diameters by offering different levels of comfort resolution and support dimension throughout – matching key body support zones and delivering perfect support for all body types.

    Multiple spring-density combinations and customization potential.

    Adds a new dimension with distinct changes in comfort and action.

    Boosts overall units key zone coil counts.

    Delivers a powerful selling story and a difference you can really feel.


    13 . Solace?

    The progressive pocketed innersprings of Solace feature a distinct design that cleverly adapts to the contours of the body, delivering softness upfront, followed by responsive support as increased weight is applied.

    Unique design, progressive comfort, and support.

    Coils react to different body weights, shapes, and sleep patterns.

    Resists nesting so coils move independently.

    Reduces partner disturbance and roll-together.

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