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    Paramount Sleep updates Nature’s Spa, Joma Wool Kiwi lines

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    Paramount Sleep is introducing updates to two of its mattress collections at the market here.

    Paramount, which shows at 330 S. Wrenn St., is introducing new mattresses for its Nature’s Spa collection, which is the exclusive mattress of Blackberry Farm, a luxury hotel, and for its Joma Wool Kiwi collection.

    The 2020 Nature’s Spa collection, which starts at $1,399 for a queen-sized mattress, features several new models: Mindful Firm, Positivity Luxury Firm, Renewed Plush Wool, Nourishing and Well-Being Euro Top.

    Nature’s Spa is designed for consumers preconditioned to foam beds but who want a cooler and more natural alternative. The new series features a natural hybrid design using Belgium linen fabrics; silk, wool and cashmere quilting fibers; 100% natural Talalay latex; and high-density polyurethane transition and support core architecture, officials said.

    All of the beds are adjustable bed-friendly and work well on platform structures. They are designed to provide comfort, edge support, temperature regulation, and back support, and offer a   20-year warranty.

    The company is also unveiling three new models in its Joma Wool Kiwi Collection

    Grown in New Zealand, Joma wool is a branded, high quality, natural fiber that undergoes a crimping process, giving it volume and resilience. Joma wool is known for its non-allergenic properties and offers a range of sleep and health benefits including temperature regulation and moisture absorption, officials said.

    The new models are the Joma Billie Extra Firm, the Joma Rylie Luxury and the Joma Angus Euro Top.

    Mattresses in the Kiwi collection contain no polyurethane foams and are constructed with compression tufting. They are made with natural and recycled products such as organic cotton, Joma wool, alpaca wool, New Zealand wool, micro coil technology, natural Talalay latex and a wool blend cover for cool and restorative sleep. The Kiwi spring unit is ergonomically designed for support and uses a four-zone, steel-encased, 1,100-coil design, officials said.

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