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    Corsicana opens ‘retail laboratory’ at factory in Aurora, Ill.

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     Corsicana Mattress has transformed a wholesale showroom in its factory here into a 2,800-square-foot space that will serve as a “retail laboratory” for its customers.

    The new space gives Corsicana’s retail partners access to the company’s five mattress brands and features showroom displays and creative point-of-purchase materials that they can easily translate on their retail floors, officials said.

    Carved out of Corsicana’s 100,000-square-foot facility, the space is designed with a retail store sleep shop in mind to give visiting retailers merchandising strategies for showcasing Corsicana’s portfolio of brands.

    “We see the new showroom as a convenient way for our Midwestern retailers to come learn about our products’ selling points and as a place for them to explore new ideas for displaying our wide range of brands,” said Michael Thompson, CEO of Dallas-based Corsicana Mattress. “The showroom is also useful for our product development team and sales representatives to work closely with retailers in collaboratively developing products that meet their needs.”

    While Corsicana sees many of its customers at the various markets where it shows, Thompson said the new space gives retailers the opportunity to spend more time with company executives and thought-leaders to refine and develop programs specific to their needs.

    “Markets are incredibly important, but a showroom like this really enables our team to spend more quality time with retailers to find new solutions to their retail challenges,” he added. The factory recently staged a two-day open house at the showroom that featured a variety of show specials available only to retailers in attendance.

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