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    DTC company Floyd launching first mattress

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    , a direct-to-consumer furniture manufacturing company, is gearing up to enter the bedding category with the launch of its first mattress later this month.

    The company first launched a platform bed frame in 2015, which started as a modular birchwood platform with steel legs and evolved to include a headboard and under bed storage. Kyle Hoff, co-founder and CEO of Floyd, said customers have been requesting a mattress to complement the bed frame.

    “The mattress was the natural next step to completing the bed,” said Hoff. “We didn’t just want to put out another foam-in-a-box product, so we spent a lot of time researching how to provide a better mattress and building one that would align with the Floyd design ethos.

    “We opted to go for a hybrid of dense memory foam and coils,” he added. “While aesthetically a bit different than our other products, we approached the design process in the same manner, keeping the product simple and ensuring we were delivering on a lasting, quality product.”

    The Floyd mattress includes 1,000 pocketed coils with zoned support, paired with a dense foam layer that is made from a breathable open-cell material infused with copper and graphite to help dissipate body heat.

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