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    Gabriella White to acquire Stanford Furniture

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    Gabriella White, parent company to luxury indoor and outdoor furniture brands Summer Classics, Gabby, and Wendy Jane, will acquire North Carolina-based upholstery manufacturer Stanford Furniture.

    Family-owned since 1992, Stanford Furniture tailors custom upholstery for the interior design trade and fine furniture retailers. This acquisition enables investment and resources to support the continued growth of Stanford Furniture, as well as a real estate expansion opportunity for Gabriella White, including a High Point showroom for Summer Classics, Gabby and Wendy Jane.

    Gabriella White had launched indoor luxury furniture brand Gabby in 2010 and added Wendy Jane, a collection of handcrafted indoor and outdoor pillows, in 2018. The acquisition of Stanford Furniture is an opportunity for all three brands to expand their retail footprint, as well as secure U.S. upholstery capabilities.

    The acquisition announcement also reflects Gabriella White’s continued focus on becoming an industry leader and national brand.

    “This is simply an opportunity where everyone wins,” said Randy Short, president and founder of Stanford. “Our people will benefit from a better work environment with Gabriella White’s infusion of investment and resources. They get to keep doing what they do best: practice their craft to make fine upholstered furniture.”

    “Fabrics and textiles are part of my family’s history,” said Bew White, founder and CEO of Gabriella White. “When I started the business back in 1978, I was committed to creating jobs in my local community, and years later, our company stands by that commitment. We are honored to welcome Stanford Furniture into the Gabriella White family so we can grow our brand, continue to create jobs and service our incredible customers.”

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