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    TSI eyes new Sealy plant in Texas in 2020

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    Tempur Sealy International is looking to open a new Sealy plant in Texas late next year, the company said. Scott Thompson, CEO of TSI, made that statement on a conference call with analysts in which he discussed the company’s third-quarter performance.

    “Our North America operations team has evaluated our near and long-term opportunities with Sealy and Stearns & Foster,” Thompson said. “The results of which are that we expect to open one new state-of-the-art Sealy plant in Texas in late 2020. Although we currently have adequate capacity to serve the market, we believe we have long-term upside in these brands, and this plant will support our higher volume of units we expect across the U.S. network.”

    He said Sealy-branded bedding enjoyed “outstanding sales growth” in the third quarter.

    Looking at Sealy’s performance in North America, Thompson said: “We are very pleased to see continued sales momentum, while at the same time, we also successfully expanded our distribution. The combination resulted in outstanding sales growth in the quarter.

    “Our focus on internal initiatives to deliver the highest quality product and the highest level of manufacturing, reliability and customer service continues to be the reason that existing retailers lean into our portfolio of products. We also believe the recently enacted anti-dumping case duties against China manufacturing benefited all U.S. bedding manufacturers.”

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