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    ISPA: Average unit prices for U.S. mattresses up, but down for imports

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    Average unit prices are up for U.S.-produced mattresses this year, but have fallen for imported mattresses, a new industry report says. The Bedding Market Quarterly for the third quarter, issued by the International Sleep Products Assn., includes data on average unit prices showing that the U.S. models have average unit prices more than four times higher than the imported mattresses.

    It said that average unit prices for U.S.-produced mattresses were up 4.7% in the third quarter, to $405.82, and are up 7.2% for the first nine months, to $407.16. Average unit prices for imported mattresses were down 1.6% in the June-August period, to $93.77。

    The average unit price for motion foundations was down 7.0% in the third quarter, to $325.93, and is down 4.8% year to date, to $333.17, the ISPA report said.v

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