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    Swedish bedmaker Dux partners with Thos. Moser Companies see future opportunities to launch new products together

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    Swedish-based luxury bed maker  has partnered with solid wood furniture manufacturer Thos. Moser to offer their beds and handmade frames together for the first time.

    “We’ve admired Thos. Moser furniture for years. Like our products, every detail is designed with purpose, and the end result is beautiful furniture that’s among the finest in the world,” said Ed Curry, president of Dux North America. “Our beds, made to the same stringent standards, look beautiful in their frames, and we believe our customers will agree.”

    Customers can now find beds from the famed Swedish bedmaker in all five Thos. Moser . To kick off the collaboration, the two companies will offer a 20% discount when a customer purchases a Thos. Moser bed frame with a Dux mattress.

    The first Duxiana store opened 27 years ago in Los Angeles, and the company now has 22 locations mainly centered in urban areas in the U.S. and Canada.

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