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    Indonesia mattress imports grab 25% share in September

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     Mattress imports from Indonesia have grown rapidly in recent months and commanded about a 25% share of the mattress import market in September, an industry report says.

    Vietnam was the No. 1 mattress source country in September, with a 28% share, said SunTrust Robinson Humphrey. The firm said Vietnam mattress imports “were very limited in 2018 but have surged over the past three months.”

    Mexico has held steady in the mattress import arena with a share of approximately 10% to 15%, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey said. Cambodia “has ramped up from a modest level to nearly 13% of all imports in September.”

    It said that Chinese mattress imports suffered “a total collapse” following the recent anti-dumping duties and added that “all of China’s fall-off” has been offset by Vietnam and other countries.

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