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    New Switlik mattress uses sealed foam technology Century-old company also makes products for military use

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    New Switlik, a nearly 100-year-old company that creates products for military use, is now offering a mattress direct to consumers that uses the company’s patented sealed foam technology to create its sleep surface.

    Switlik Parachute Co. was started in 1920 as a manufacturer of quality-sewn and heat-sealed inflatable safety and survival products for the aviation, marine and military markets.

    “While the mattress sector is crowded, Switlik’s legacy is a century of creating products that are considered the very best of their kind,” said Stan Switlik, CEO.

    The company said the Switlik mattress is adjusted by touching a button, so there is no need for pumps, hoses or wires. The queen and king models have dual adjustable chambers that can be set to individual sleeping preferences. The product is hypoallergenic and cleanable with a cover that is made of merino wool.

    The company said it developed the sealed foam technology that led to the mattress as part of a military project for seating in fighter jets. They used foam and air movement through a valve to adjust the firmness to make it softer or firmer.

    The new mattress comes in three sizes (twin XL, which retails for $3,495; queen, which retails for $5,495; and king, which retails for $5,995) 。

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