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    Spring Air continues international push with addition of Qatar licensee

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    Continuing to expand its international reach, mattress manufacturer Spring Air International has signed a licensing agreement with the Al-Marzo Group to produce and distribute Spring Air products throughout Qatar.

    In addition to its manufacturing facility, Al-Marzo Group owns a chain of 36 retail stores throughout the country. The agreement marks the first time Spring Air will have distribution in Qatar, and it will expand the brand’s reach to nearly 50 countries.

    Al-Marzo’s factory produces a wide range of bedding products including mattresses, pillows, duvets, protectors, headboards and bases. In addition to its manufacturing facility, the company operates stores under the Bed Quarter and Bed House brands, giving Spring Air’s signature products, including the Back Supporter line and high-end Chattam & Wells line, an immediate presence at retail in the country, officials said.

    Al-Marzo Group opened its first factory in 1985 and initially specialized in healthcare mattress production in the Qatar. Building on its success in that field, the company adapted to the changing market and began making residential mattresses, officials said.

    Spring Air recently signed a licensing agreement with Vietnam-based LMG-World Luxury Mattress Gallery, a business unit of AmericanStar Group, a large branded and OEM mattress producer in Southeast Asia, to distribute Spring Air’s products.


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