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    Brooklyn Bedding’s Sedona Hybrid touts cooling features

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    Brooklyn Bedding, a mattress manufacturer and retailers, has launched its Sedona Hybrid exclusively in stores. The bed features a dual coil systems and cooling and copper infusions.

    “The Sedona Hybrid was designed with the Southwest resort lifestyle in mind,” said John Merwin, owner and CEO of Brooklyn Bedding. “It’s handcrafted here in Arizona, using premium materials typically associated with a high-end hotel mattress. It combines the best features of all of our No. 1 selling beds to deliver an exceptional trifecta of comfort, support and cooling.”

    Unique to the Sedona Hybrid is a dual coil support system, constructed with a base of 8-inch individually encased coils, complemented by a secondary layer of 1-inch nanocoils. Layered between each coil system is a transition foam layer of Talalay latex, which provides a buoyant quality to the mattress. The result is a core that delivers enhanced compression support and responsiveness while decreasing motion transfer between sleep partners, the company said.

    The Sedona Hybrid features CopperFlex foam, known for its “immediate response technology” and infusions of both TitanCool and copper. The cooling technology of TitanCool is engineered to respond to individual body temperature, ensuring an optimal sleep environment, officials said.

    “The majority of our retail customers are based in the Phoenix Valley,” said Merwin. “When you live and work in the desert, in triple-digit heat in the summertime, you give considerable attention to cooling. The Sedona by Brooklyn Bedding is our answer to that extreme demand, coupled with a number of rich details that make it an incredibly indulgent sleep experience.”

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