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    Time to chill out – cooling mattress technology comes to sneakers Serta partners with musician to produce limited-edition shoes

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    Serta is bringing its cooling mattress technology to sneakers. The new shoe is called the iC1 because of its cooling properties, and it features the same attributes as the iComfort by Serta mattress. The company partnered with hip hop musician and producer DJ Clark Kent to release the limited-edition sneaker.

    “The iComfort by Serta line was created based on in-depth consumer research that found staying cool is the most important feature when it comes to purchasing a mattress,” said Onney Crawley, Serta vice president of marketing. “We are excited to bring consumers our iComfort by Serta technology in a new and unique way through this limited-edition sneaker. The iC1 is the first wearable mattress for your feet.”

    The sneaker is made with the same technology found in an iComfort by Serta mattress, including carbon fiber, which is engineered to absorb excess heat and channel it away. The shoe also includes max cold fabric made from high-performance fibers and a foam insole.

    This isn’t the first time mattress technology has inspired innovation. Earlier this year, Ford of Europe unveiled its Lane-Keeping concept bed that it designed to keep each person on the right side of the bed.

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