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    Vietnam boosts mattress import market share to 35% in October

    Time:2019-12-12 13:35:11    Share:

    ietnam was the top mattress importer in October, with 266,765 units, good for a 35% share of the market, up seven percentage points from September, an industry report says.

    Indonesia was the No. 2 source country in October, with mattress imports of 156,147, Raymond James said. Mexico, with 94,822 mattress units shipped to the U.S., was in the No. 3 position, while Cambodia, with 75,932 mattress units shipped to the U.S., was No. 4, and Malaysia was No. 5, with 57,733 mattress units shipped to the U.S.

    Raymond James said that in October of 2018, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia had no mattress imports. In that month, China’s share of the mattress import market was 87%.


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