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    Retailer Bob Mills Furniture Partners With Diamond Mattress

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    Compton, California-based manufacturer Diamond Mattress has partnered with furniture retailer Bob Mills on a five-bed program for its nine stores in Oklahoma and Texas.

    Diamond Mattress salespeople provide in-store training at each retail location.

    The Bob Mills Sleep Spa Signature Series from Diamond Mattress includes three models with three choices of firmness. The program gives each retail location in-store training by Diamond Mattress trainers and a fully equipped Experience Center for visual and tactile demonstration to educate and engage customers. Diamond Mattress also provides marketing support with imagery for online and print promotion, as well as additional marketing materials.

    “Bob Mills Sleep Spa is all about the latest technology in providing the finest sleeping experience,” said Bob Mills, president of the Oklahoma City-based retail chain.

    The three mattress models include five bed options: Relax Medium, Refresh Medium, Refresh Firm, Refresh Plush and Retreat Plush.

    Diamond Mattress President Shaun Pennington said: “We’re thrilled to have Bob Mills as a partner. Our two companies have synergies that come from having a family-owned business. Bob Mills cares about quality the way Diamond cares about quality. Together we have built a lineup of luxury beds that fit every type of sleeper.”

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