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    SI’s LuxeBreeze mattress wins Popular Science award

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    Tempur Sealy International said its Tempur-LuxeBreeze mattress won a 2019 Popular Science Best of What’s New Award in the Personal Health category.

    TSI officials say that sleeping hot is the No. 1 unmet consumer challenge in the sleep industry, with more than 60% of Americans struggling with that problem. Tempur-Pedic introduced its full Tempur-Breeze mattress line to address that challenge. The Tempur-LuxeBreeze mattress feels up to 8 degrees cooler than other models, officials said.

    “At Tempur-Pedic, we are committed to delivering an exceptional sleep experience for our customers and we dedicate our R&D to solving their top sleep needs,” said Scott Thompson, Tempur Sealy president and CEO. “We are honored that Popular Science recognized LuxeBreeze and our innovation to deliver cooler sleep.”

    Popular Science’s Best of What’s New lists 100 innovative technologies and products. Popular Science editors vet thousands of candidates — ranging from feats of engineering to hyper-intelligent software — in search of objects and endeavors that not only promise to improve life but also represent significant advancement in their categories, officials said.

    The recognition for TSI comes on the heels of Tempur-Pedic receiving the J.D. Power Award for ranking highest in the Retail Mattress segment of the J.D. Power 2019 US Mattress Satisfaction Report.

    TSI的認可是在Tempur-Pedic繼J.D. Power 2019美國床墊滿意度報告中零售床墊領域排名最高之后獲得J.D. Power獎的。

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